Take your tracks to a professional level in this intensive online course with Chris Jarman a.k.a Kamikaze Space Programme

Course starts May 6th 2021

Lessons Delivered by Artist, Producer, and Professional Mix Engineer - Chris Jarman
Better known as Techno producer Kamikaze Space Programme, Drum and Bass pioneer Raiden, and one half of the Experimental Industrial outfit Dot Product.
Chris has 25 years of professional experience producing and mixing music in a range of genres, with a deep knowledge of preparing tracks for release and making them sound as heavy as possible on a soundsystem.
With over 160 vinyl releases on a multitude of labels and an extensive DJ and performance career that has taken him all over the world many times over, Chris has the experience and expertise to guide you toward a bigger, wider, deeper, phatter, more professional sound.
Chris also works as a lecturer in higher education, and has designed and developed mixing courses at top institutions and colleges in Berlin and the UK. 

Course Details:

6 Week Course
5 x 3hr sessions + 30 minute personal tutorial.
May 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th
June 3rd, 10th.


Are you frustrated with your tracks not sounding up to scratch? Do you wish you had more character and weight in your mix? Do your mixes lack space, clarity, width and depth? Do you wish you had a better overall sound? - If so then this is the course for you! 

Limited to 10 places. 


Week 1

Mix philosophies  and Starting the Mix
Analysing and Listening
Gain Staging
Setting up for a mix and creating templates
Reference Tracks 
The art of volume
Balance and Emotion 

Week 2

Dynamic Range 
Compression Types, Settings, and Application 
Parallel Compression 
Buss Processing 
New York Compression 

Week 3 

EQ Settings and Application
Ear Training
Balancing, Sweetening, Complimenting 
Stereo Width Enhancement 

Week 4 

Space and Depth
Reverb - Settings and Application
Convolution, Algorithmic, Springs & Plates
Delay - Tape and Digital
Tips, Tricks, and Techniques 

Week 5

Saturation and Finalising
Distortion - Types and Application
Adding Colour
Analogue Vs Digital
Mix Bus Processing

Week 6

Personal one to one tutorial
Each student will receive a 30 minute personal meeting with Chris.  
Use it however you want. Get feedback on a mix, pick his brains on inside secrets, or chat about the weather. It's up to you! 

You will get: 
15 hours of live coaching and teaching from Chris and his years of experience in music production.
30 minute one to one tutorial with Chris.
Access to an online drive full of resources, reading material, sounds, and reference tracks. 
Links to download free software. 
Pre built Ableton Mix templates and example sessions.
Pre built Mix Racks and Utilities. 
An interactive online classroom environment.
Regular tasks and activities during class and for homework. 
Access to the Ramp Alumni group to stay connected and share ideas with classmates. 
*Classes are recorded and viewable online for the duration of the course. 

You will need:
Your own laptop and headphones with a professional DAW installed.
*Classes will focus on Ableton, but many of the concepts are transferable to other DAWs. 
Basic knowledge of Ableton live and music production concepts.
A decent internet connection in a quiet environment to learn. 
A free Zoom user account. 

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I did the RAMP mixing course, and I can recommend it wholeheartedly.

I'd been struggling to find mixing advice online compiled in a way that was clear, well-structured, technically literate, self-reflective, and artistically-minded all at once. This course provided me with exactly that, and I benefitted immensely. To round it all off, it was hugely enjoyable. If you think it might be for you, it probably is!

I did the Mixing course with Chris Jarman (aka KSP) and it literally blew my mind and opened me to new perspectives.

This is not the first mixing course I' ve done, but still I can truly say it was the best I did and the best thing I could do now to take my production to the next level. Here I discovered not only new techniques, but also a lot of tricks and tools that Chris uses in his incredibly sounding productions as Kamikaze Space Programme. If u wanna have an amazing study and life experience check out RAMP Berlin and their next courses!!

I did the in depth mixing course with Chris and it's the best course I've ever done - the perfect mix of technical, process and philosophy, delivered with passion by a skilled mix engineer and a great teacher.


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