Tangent Strategies for Music Creation

Course starts September 16th 2021
*50% tickets initially reserved for Women & non binary

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Classes delivered by Kangding Ray
David Letellier, aka Kangding Ray, is a French Berlin-based experimental electronic music producer and founder of the record label “ara”.
His music has garnered acclaim from avant-garde electronica listeners to devoted clubbers.
There are few musicians who manage to explore the convergence between techno and experimental as successfully as David Letellier, and those who have been following Letellier since his debut album on the legendary German imprint raster-noton in 2006, will recognise not only his meticulous and constantly developing approach to sound design, but also the conceptual depth behind his releases.

Course Details
6 x 3hr long sessions
September 16th, 23rd, 30th
October 7th, 14th, 21st 2021
7pm - 10pm CET


"This course is aimed at people who want to interrogate their music creation process and look for new inspiration in order to push their music sonically, as well as conceptually.

Whether your aim is to compose and produce an experimental ambient piece or a club banger. Whether your available tools are software or hardware, modular systems, analog or digital machines, instruments, microphones, synthesisers or outboard equipments, i will guide you on this journey to find your own path. We will learn techniques and tips along the way, but they will be at the service of creativity.

We will use the tools present inside the Ableton environment, as well as VCV rack to learn the basics of modular synthesis and different sequencing techniques.
The assignments can be realised on those same tools, or any other hardware or software tools at your disposal.

We will learn how to use mistakes, serendipity and accidents in the production process, and approach different ways of setting up generative procedures in compositions." - Kangding Ray 

Week 1 - Noise      

Sampling / Audio Processing
- Edition & automations


Week 2 - Intention

Additive & Subtractive Synthesis
- Tools & Processes

Week 3 - Minimalism    

Sequences & Non linear patterns
- Polyrhythmic & Polymeters


Week 4 - Sources of uncertainty

Prediction & Future memories
- Control vs. Randomness / Generative systems

Week 5 - Space

Versions & persistence
- Silence vs Transients / Surfaces and textures

Week 6  - Outro 

Listening session and interactive Feedback

You will get: 
Over 18 hours of live coaching and mentoring from David and his years of experience in experimental music production.
Access to an online drive full of resources and extra reading material.  
An interactive online classroom environment.
Regular tasks and activities during class and for homework. 
Access to the Ramp Alumni group to stay connected and share ideas with classmates.
*Classes are recorded and viewable online for the duration of the course.  

You will need:
Your own laptop and headphones.
A professional DAW of your choice.
*Classes will mostly focus on Ableton, but many of the concepts are transferable to other DAWs. 
A basic understanding of your DAW and Music Production concepts.  
A decent internet connection in a quiet environment to learn. 
A free Zoom user account. 

Just did the 6 weeks class with Kangding Ray and it was amazing! We didn't learn the usual youtube techno tutorials tricks but we really discovered how to evolve as an artist, how to make a unique sound, how to build evolving systems that generate creativity. I'm making music for 10 years but I learnt more during those 6 weeks than I ever did. Thanks Ramp!

I was in the Kangding Ray class. It was absolutely worth the money. All the best bits of history and theory, and then backed up with several examples shown to us inside a DAW that tied everything together.

Besides all the challenges, this lockdown brought me on an exciting journey of music exploration. I have learned so much and have gotten so many ways of experimenting and exploring sound design in my music. This inspiration is priceless!

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