w/ Second Storey

8 Week course starts October 25th 2021 // 7-9pm CET
Only €375! + booking fee

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Lessons Delivered by Artist, Producer, and Live Electronic Performance wizard - Second Storey
With 20 years experience performing solo, and alongside artists such as Hercules and Love Affair, Will Saul, and A.L.S.O, Second Storey has the skills to get you started performing your music live.
 Alec started releasing music in 2006 under his Al Tourettes pseudonym and released on labels like AUS, Sneaker Social Club and Ost Gut Ton and also contributed music for Darren Aronovsky's oscar winning film 'Black Swan'. He transitioned to his Second Storey alias in 2013, coinciding with signing to Houndstooth. Since then he has put out a number of albums and ep's on the label, and a collaborative album with Appleblim on seminal electronic music label 'R&S Records'. 
 Electronic performance is at the heart of Storey's music, using technology and drum triggering in particular, and has led him to perform at many of the worlds leading clubs and festivals including Fabric, Berghain, Glastonbury, Griessmuehle, Space - Ibiza, and touring the world from India to the Americas.       

Course Details:
7 x 2 hour workshops & 1 x live online performance
Monday evenings from 7pm CET
October 25th,
November 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th
Dec 6th, 13th 

This course enables you to translate your music into a live interactive performance using just your laptop, or any combination of hardware, midi controllers or live instruments. From preparing audio for live use, creating templates and personalised performance instruments, to improvising with synths, drums and other sound sources.

If you are looking to take your music to the live domain, or are looking for the next step on from DJing or home/studio productions, with lots of help and personal mentoring along the way, then this is the course for you!

Classes taught in Ableton, but concepts can be translated to any DAW or Hardware tools. 

Week 1 - Preperation

Preparing your track for Live Performance
Bouncing Stems/loops/midi clips.
Deciding on key elements for live manipulation.
File management.

Week 2 - Building

Building a live set template.
Importing parts and settings.
Building Scenes for live performance.
Effects implementation.

Week 3 -  Instruments

Ableton Racks for live performance.
Implementing native and 3rd party instruments.
Creative use of FX and using FX Racks

Week 4 - Manipulation 

Mapping and Midi manipulation strategies.
Implementing midi controllers for live performance. 

Week 5 - Hardware 


Implementing external hardware, mixers or traditional instruments. 

Week 6 - Gesture 

Gesture and Flow
Jamming with ideas
Workshopping your live set 
Backups and Failsafes

Week 7 - Rehearsing

Practical Workshop and Dress rehearsal
The master bus
Feedback and mentoring from the tutor and class. 

Week 8 - Performing 

You get the chance to perform your live set to an online audience as part of a
live stream performance showcase.  

16 hours of live coaching and mentoring from Alec and his years of experience in Live Performance.
The opportunity to perform live in front of an invited audience online. 
Mentoring and feedback on your live set, music, & progress. 
Access to an online drive full of resources, reading material, sounds, and reference tracks. 
An interactive classroom environment with other like minded students from all over the world.
Regular tasks and activities during class and for homework. 
Access to the Ramp Alumni group to stay connected and share ideas with classmates. 

You will need:
Your own laptop and headphones with a suitable DAW (Ableton or Bitwig suggested) and or Hardware controllers/instruments. 
Good knowledge of your DAW. 
Preferably a midi controller (can be a keyboard at the least, but ideally a mixture of pots/ faders and triggering pads e.g. Ableton Push, Akai APC 40, Novation Launchpad, Novation Launch Control XL etc).   
It's not essential, but you are encouraged to use additional hardware such as synthesisers, drum machines, samplers and other devices, or traditional instruments to incorporate into your live set up.
An audio interface is required if intending to incorporate external sound sources.   

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