"I attended the intermediate course in Berlin and couldn't recommend it highly enough! It was so fun and I came away with much more knowledge than if I'd watched 100 YouTube tutorials. Adam, the teacher, is always happy to answer questions and has a really natural teaching style which makes the learning environment totally comfortable. At no point did I feel like a question was too stupid to ask. He was also really flexible with the course programme, tailoring it to the needs/requests of the students. I'll definitely be attending the advanced course!"


"Good ways of making everyone understand concepts.
Fun, relaxed atmosphere (bristol style), open to question, and there to help...
Worth it, diggin it, keep at it."


"Quality teaching, great classmates. Highly recommend"


"Great DJ, great producer, but most importantly of all a very talented teacher."


"The production skills taught to me were second to none. A real insight into sound quality and the efficient use of all the tools in Ableton, along with standard processes to follow for quality mixing of projects. An education in the theory of programming drum patterns was valuable and getting the most out of Operator for kick and bass. The techniques i leaned under their guidance even gave me one up on friends who had been producing for years and i soon found myself educating them with the new skills i had learned."


“The course was great! The sessions were very creative, challenging and inspirational, and there were other students there with some wicked ideas too.”   


"I found the course to be fast paced and well delivered. It covered most areas of Ableton Live enough to take away and produce your own music. It was taught in a relaxed environment without pressure and at a level I think everyone was happy with regarding to skill level and competence."


"So I thought the course was great. It taught me a lot about Ableton that I didn't even know existed. I think this has really helped me to grow my production and now it well continue to help me grow! When I work on Ableton now, I always know where to go and what to tackle first and what I need to do to change my sounds to make them sound the way that I would like."


"I found the course inspiring and challenging and it has given me lots of ideas of things to try out and develop. I particularly enjoyed the sessions on drum programming and synthesis and having the opportunity to have a play with what we had learned. It was good to have what we were doing linked to theory as well, such as on sound and again on how synthesis works. The session on recording was really helpful too, in particular the background on different types of mics and their uses. It was also good to have the opportunity to listen to what everyone had been doing at the end of the sessions and it felt a supportive environment for doing this."


"The course is brilliant. I had one to one tuition that was tailored to suit me, where I could ask as many questions as I liked, and spend as much time as I liked going over things, as well as getting feedback and insight from the tutor. The sessions were done at a pace that suited me and my progression but set me up to do tonnes of independent discovery work in your my time. We covered the entire creative and production process from start to finish. This including an introduction to the DAW and the basics of sound, recording audio and understanding interfaces and microphone, editing audio and working with vocals, using MIDI plugins including some of Logic’s own instruments, sampling techniques, mixing and finishing."


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