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We are taking a short break from our live online courses but will be back soon with some exciting new developments!

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Learn at your own pace & in your own time with our range of
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What you get when you take part in a course with RAMP
Mentoring, support, and feedback on your own music.
In depth, cutting edge knowledge, tips, tricks, and inside info.
Practical tasks, group exercises, and discussion.
Weekly homework assignments and feedback.
Small classes with mixed students from all over the world.
The ability to ask any question at any time.
Access to an online folder with additional materials, extra reading, and resources. 
Entry into the RAMP Alumni group forum.
Recordings of the lessons viewable online in case you miss a class.

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I did the Sonic Development course with Om Unit a few weeks ago and its was excellent! I learnt loads of tricks for mixing and sound design throughout the course, the bass techniques especially blew my mind! But the parts i found most interesting was the guidance given to develop as an artist, and ways of sparking creativity and inspiration. I found all this more beneficial than i would have guessed before! Its really helped me along and left me inspired and excited for the future.

The Synthesis Deep Dive course with Adam Winchester was a great experience. Everything was explained by an absolute pro in detail, and with an obvious love for what he does. I highly recommend the course and Ramp Academy.

amazing experience, great support and course. will be back!

Just completed the 6 week Ableton for beginners course. I can't recommend it enough and its amazing value for money. As a total beginner I was straight away put at ease by Laurie's warm and friendly approach. I went from not having a clue about Ableton to being able to put together a track. 10/10 would recommend 🙂

Just completed the 5 weeks UVB course and I recommend it 100%. The course was insightful and inspiring. Learned some new techniques and new ways to approach music producing

I did the Ableton 101 course last winter and a complete beginner I was a little nervous but that was all quickly forgotten after starting with Adam. Adam is a great teacher, has a vast music knowledge and always took the time to explain everything. At Ramp Music school the vibe was always warm and welcoming. I would definitely recommend and will hopefully make it back for the next level Ableton Course at some point!

Ramp is the real deal. Lovely people with years of real experience in the business. Highly recommended

Courses are interactive and the information you get is just priceless. You get loads of tips, tricks, insights, and techniques. What's important is that its years of experience, trials, errors, and experiments behind this knowledge, so it's not something you'd easily find online. 
To summarize, I'd say that the value for the money is incredible.
Long live RAMP! 🙂

RAMP is just amazing! I did several courses with them and they all rocked! Top content and best teachers. Go now and get on a course and improve your music career!

Just did the 6 weeks class with Kangding Ray and it was amazing! We didn't learn the usual youtube techno tutorials tricks but we really discovered how to evolve as an artist, how to make a unique sound, how to build evolving systems that generate creativity. I'm making music for 10 years but I learnt more during those 6 weeks than I ever did. Thanks Ramp!

I was in the Kangding Ray class. It was absolutely worth the money. All the best bits of history and theory, and then backed up with several examples shown to us inside a DAW that tied everything together.

Besides all the challenges, this lockdown brought me on an exciting journey of music exploration. I have learned so much and have gotten so many ways of experimenting and exploring sound design in my music. This inspiration is priceless!

"I found the course inspiring and challenging and it has given me lots of ideas of things to try out and develop. I particularly enjoyed the sessions on drum programming and synthesis and having the opportunity to play our music to the class and get feedback."

"Quality teaching, great classmates. Highly recommend"

“Best decision made this year regarding life in general!
Being back in a class environment, but at the same time ad hoc and direct and not intimidating like those new gentrified schools you see nowadays was really helpful to give a vibe that learning is possible.

I did the in depth mixing course with Chris and it's the best course I've ever done - the perfect mix of technical, process and philosophy, delivered with passion by a skilled mix engineer and a great teacher.

I attended the intermediate Ableton course in Berlin and couldn't recommend it highly enough! It was so fun and I came away with much more knowledge than if I'd watched 100 YouTube tutorials. Adam, the teacher, is always happy to answer questions and has a really natural teaching style which makes the learning environment totally comfortable.

Really great classes and useful knowledge that not only focus on technical expertise but as well on music grips. Amazing people, and good vibes! After each lesson, I am full of energy and motivation to create music. Totally recommend RAMP and tutor Adam!

I am a seasoned Logic Pro user and this course has been helping me make the transition to Ableton.

Picked up a lot of new tools and techniques that I thought I was miles away from understanding… thanks for sharing them all and I’ll be sure to keep track of future Ramp courses.

A great introduction into music production with the beginner course I attended. I felt like all the basics were covered and the course gave me a great head-start into the world of music production. It's been a lot of fun!


Because you get cutting edge expert tuition taught by industry professionals. You can learn in a relaxed friendly environment with other like minded individuals from all over the world. Manuals, books, and online tutorials will only get you so far, with us you get personal mentoring and can ask as many questions as you like.  

Follow the links on the course page which will direct you to the ticket page. Enter your details, pay, and you will receive your online ticket via email. If you have difficulty paying then please send us an email. 

Yes, you will need to use your own laptop and headphones, with the appropriate software installed. We provide the knowledge, expertise, and the audio visual delivery. 

Check the information on the course page. If studying Ableton, then you will need your own copy installed. At present, Ableton offer a 3 month free trial on their software. We also have deals with Bitwig Studio and Native Instruments on specific courses. 

Sessions are recorded with screen capture software, and uploaded to a shared online folder which can be accessed at anytime during the course. 

Yes, our sessions come with weekly materials that support the lessons. You will be given access to an online folder containing samples, literature, links to free software and other materials to allow you to build on your knowledge and enhance your skills. We also have affiliations with software developers such as Native Instruments and Ableton, who often allow us to offer discounts on their software for specific courses.


Drop us an email and ask as many questions as you like

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