RAMP is a modern, community focused academy, specialising in creative sound, music production, performance, record label, and music industry education. RAMP provides accessible, focused, practical education from industry professionals and world renowned artists at the top of their profession. 

We provide a safe, friendly, and nurturing platform for artists and creatives to come together, share ideas, and build a community. 

The courses Ramp offer are specially designed by our team of highly qualified educators and lecturers to form a detailed curriculum that promotes creativity, increases confidence, and develops skills. We offer a range of online and classroom courses, designed and delivered by an incredible lineup of tutors. Featuring courses from high profile artists such as Kangding Ray, Appleblim, Ireen Amnes, Kamikaze Space Programme, UVB, Tasha, Om Unit, Alan Oldham and many more.

RAMP is not exclusively for those interested in a career in electronic music but also for musicians & enthusiasts who want to understand how to record their instruments, produce their own unique music, and create demo’s. Maybe you want to set up your own record label, mix your own music to a higher standard, get more experimental with sound, or better understand the landscape of the music industry.  

Perhaps you're looking for a new hobby or to meet like minded people from all around the world, as well as gaining some interesting knowledge at the same time. We have a range of courses to suit you, so feel free to contact us for more information. 

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We have courses in Mixing Audio, Ableton Live, Creative Sound Design, Techno Construction, Synthesis, Sampling, Live Performance, & more...  


Email: info@rampacademyofmusic.com