Cutting edge talks and demonstrations from some of our favourite artists in electronic music

Alan Oldham aka DJ T-1000 (Tresor, BPitch Control, Underground Resistance)

Underground Music construction workshop.  
The Detroit Techno producer & DJ, comic artist, and label owner returns to RAMP for an insight into his production process, and his sources of inspiration in art and music.
Back in the 80's, Alan had the first radio show in Detroit that played only electronic music and Techno, which inspired many up and coming artists in the Detroit scene. He has created iconic artwork for legendary labels such as Transmat, and Djax-Up Beats, and has released music on Tresor, BPitch Control, Third Ear, and Suspected, among others.
In this workshop, he will deconstruct tracks, create beats on the fly, and demonstrate his approach to Techno construction, as well as chew the fat on Detroit, & Art. 
21/11/2021  //  2pm - 5:30pm
Donau 115, Berlin

Ireen Amnes (Sonic Groove, Under My Feet)

Sound Design Workshop. 
Ireen is a producer, DJ and founder of the London collective 'Under My Feet.'.
Rooted in industrial - noise and experimental, her live hardware and DJ sets are moody and unpredictable, often exploring different mixtures of intensity. Ireen has recently released the album "In The Land of Silence" on Sonic Groove. 
In this workshop, Ireen will demonstrate a range of creative techniques relating to her practice and unique take on experimental music. 
28/11/2021 // 2pm - 5:30pm
Donau 115, Berlin 

Kamikaze Space Programme (Osiris Music, Mord, Raiden) & Cocktail Party Effect (Tectonic, Osiris)

Sound mangling and extreme audio manipulation workshop.
Chris Jarman, better known as experimental producer Kamikaze Space Programme, Drum and Bass pioneer Raiden, and one half of the experimental Industrial outfit Dot Product, teams up with Tectonic record's Cocktail Party Effect, to deliver a workshop that takes you to the far reaches of sound mangling weirdness, and off the wall audio manipulation. Get a window into the minds of two of the biggest names in electronic music (literally!). 
05/12/2021 // 2pm - 5:30pm 
Donau 115, Berlin

Grischa Lichtenberger (Raster, Raster-Noton) & Isabassi (YGAM, OHM Resistance) 

Workshop and audio demonstration. 
Grischa Lichtenberger is an electronic music producer, visual and installation artist living in Berlin. With many incredible album releases on Raster, & Raster-Noton, tumbling between funky, highly energetic beats and trembling, concerning melodies, an almost tactile honesty reaches out to the individual listener.
Isabassi is a Brazilian electronic music composer and DJ based in Berlin. Highly influenced by industrial and rough sounds from the surroundings of Sao Paulo and the German capital, her musicality translates this aggressive environment through harsh and erratic drummings and dark textures.
12/12/2021 // 1pm - 5:30pm 
Donau 115, Berlin 

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