Creative Techno Construction

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Lessons Delivered by UVB
UVB is the pseudonym of the French DJ and producer Sébastien Michel.

After the big success of his 2014 debut release “What I’ve Learned” on the dutch label MORD.
Since then, UVB released his first album “Life” in 2015 and started his own label “Body Theory” in 2016 – all this while touring the world.

After a string of EPs on his own imprint over the last years, he releases his second album “Testosterone” in 2018. As for now, UVB continues to deliver his own vision of Techno through the numerous performances worldwide, always looking to explore new settings.

This Ableton based course invites you to learn from one of the finest producers of the modern Techno scene. Uncover UVB's secret production techniques, unique sound design skills, and his process from sample selection, to finished track.
During the course you will build your own track from start to finish with mentoring and feedback on your music from UVB and the class. 

Week 1 

Sample Selection, Organisation, Workflow.
Creating ideas and musical starting points. 
Working with tools to create special results. 

Week 2

Sound Design and Composition. 
Tips, tricks, creative concepts. 
Arrangement & Structure.

Week 3 

Creating the perfect Kick Drum!
Layering samples and sounds for weight and punch. 
FX, groove, pace, expression 
Specific use of FX and Processing.

Week 4 

Mixing for the soundsystem. 
Making things stereo - Tips and tricks 
Enhancing elements. 
Listening and feedback on your own tracks.
Play back your finished works and receive focussed, specific feedback from UVB and the class. 

You will get: 
8 hours of live coaching and mentoring from UVB and his years of experience in Techno production.
Access to an online drive full of resources, reading material, and free sample pack. 
Links to download free software. 
An interactive online classroom environment.
Regular tasks and activities during class and for homework. 
Access to the Ramp Alumni group to stay connected and share ideas with classmates. 
*Classes are recorded and viewable online for the duration of the course. 

You will need:
Your own laptop and headphones with Ableton Live 9, 10, or 11 installed.
Basic knowledge of Ableton live and music production concepts.
A decent internet connection in a quiet environment to learn. 
A free Zoom user account. 

"I found the course inspiring and challenging and it has given me lots of ideas of things to try out and develop. I particularly enjoyed the sessions on drum programming and synthesis and having the opportunity to play our music to the class and get feedback."

"Quality teaching, great classmates. Highly recommend"

“Best decision made this year regarding life in general!
Being back in a class environment, but at the same time ad hoc and direct and not intimidating like those new gentrified schools you see nowadays was really helpful to give a vibe that learning is possible.

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